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Is there something different about your face?
Anonymous whispered: You will. Once the anime is over there will be this new character in the manga that most people don't know about and the last chapter left on a cliffhanger. It's getting so intense I don't even know what going to happen next. I think I now where the anime might end but I won't say anything. I want to hear other people surprise. Also, how did you like this episode?

oh hey anon, thing about shojo anime endings is theyre usually unreliable. not sure if youve seen them, but Say I love you and Tonari no kaibutsu-kun both left off on really unsatisfying endings which was probably done to get viewers to read the mangas. but yeah i can already tell ill like this manga a lot so im really excited. i dont like jumping ahead tho so i’ll wait until the season finishes. and yeah PAGE. 9 was good as there wasn’t many cringy scenes and im genuinely interested in finding out how makita will get closure with her crush on kou (cos unfortunately it can’t last) looking forward to next week! 

Did he say... a study meeting at my house? Was that a dream?
Get to know meme: Yoshioka Futaba | (inspired from x)


「Teach it to me, Sensei」| Kou's adorable bedhead!

that was the first ao haru ride episode where the ending has actually got me curious for the next. i love the show, but i have a feeling ill enjoy the manga more once this season is over

Sinon, Back me up!
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun + TV Tropes